Narrowcab is the solution for advertising and information in all kinds of mobile services. Whether you are looking for possibilities to advertise in taxi’s, busses, trains, or to inform passengers on cruise ships or airplanes. Our applications and services are making it all possible.

Example for the potential:

When a taxi has a general of 15 fares a day, you will reach, when you advertise in 20 of said taxi’s, over 100.000 individuals each year.


The range of advertisement will be bigger compared to traditional printing work. Printing work only reaches marked territory. Taxi’s are mobile and will therefore cover a broader area.

As Narrowcab is digital, it offers some great benefits:

  • Advertisement will always be in full color (no extra costs);
  • Endless possibilities regarding to (moving) images and sound. Additionally, it is possible to adjust text in your pictures, and:
  • The opportunity to change your message instantly, you do not have to wait until the next edition or publication.

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