Welcome to Local Signage.

Narrowcasting is nothing new. Target one or more specific groups by using audiovisual displays, at a specific location or at specific moments, combined with information that suits the present public.

Due to advanced software this way of advertising is often expensive because of the high developing costs. Together with the expenses, which have to be made on hardware, Narrowcasting is often only within the reach of larger enterprises. Local Signage changes this and makes digital signage possible for everyone!

Local Signage focuses on the small to medium sized businesses. We can deliver everything from professional screens to software (which works on everything with a webbrowser or Android), so an old tablet or smartphone is enough.

With Local Signage and Narrowcab we offer marketing concepts for “local” businesses, to advertise the entire year at various locations in their own region for the price of a single advertisement in a local newspaper.

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